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Network of relationships in more than 30 Countries

In these years we have accompanied the international growth of Companies and Consortia through the operational presence in the countries of reference.

Our History

Marco Polo was founded in 2008 with the objective of supporting SMES, Consortia and Associations

We were inspired by the Venetian, Marco Polo. It’s from him, in fact, that our entrepreneurial reality took its name. Just as the young Venetian pioneer, merchant and traveler who lived in the 13th century, did, our agency explores and gets to know new markets based on a fundamental idea: from culture to market, from culture to business.

Marco Polo s.r.l. was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in Padua but can count on a widespread presence abroad. Over the years, in fact, we have planted our flags in various countries around the world, beginning with Russia, with bases in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then reaching China, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, the USA, but also Germany and various European Union countries.

A tour of the world that has allowed us to successfully conclude many internationalization projects.
Over the years, our agency has specialized in the commercial development of Made in Italy, in sectors such as design, fashion, mechanics, home automation and agri-food.

Our mission? Accompanying SMEs and Consortia, in the path that will lead them to enter the foreign market identified. To achieve our goals, we have selected people from the country of reference and experts in the culture and market of the place. In addition, we have trained brand ambassadors in foreign markets who can act as spokesmen for Made in Italy. This is because, before selling, it is necessary to let people know and appreciate the value, the taste and the sense of the product that is proposed.

From here derive the many communicative events promoted and organized through targeted initiatives that you can discover and deepen in the sections What we do and Events.


Our Numbers

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Our Highlights

Presence in foreign markets with an international network for more than 10 years
Spokesman of Made in Italy in the world
International commercial network that carries out import activities and logistic services
Accreditations at regional and national institutions for calls for tenders and internationalization services

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Marco Polo
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